Traffic Quality

YuMe excels in combatting suspicious activity through a multi-faceted approach that is anchored by our SDK technology. Our technologies work in concert with firewall IP blocking systems, ad presentation software, monitored lists, pre-bid filtering algorithms and our proprietary demand router solution that is designed to detect and block non-human traffic at the source. With this array of technologies and approaches we strive to proactively identify and limit suspicious traffic.


Our SDK and VPAID wrapper provide access to a rich set of data, enabling our systems to check the quality of traffic and inventory.

Ad Request

Ad Request Detection, Filtration, and Blocking

Ad Visibility

Ad Visibility Evaluation via YuMe's Proprietary Viewport Detection Technology Prior to Ad Serving


Identifying suspicious activity practices through Forensic Pattern Analysis

Invalid Traffic

Invalid Traffic filtering as per the IAB guidelines

Securing Quality Inventory

Securing Quality Inventory through Direct Publisher Relationships

Mitigating Suspicious Traffic

Mitigating Suspicious Traffic via YuMe's Quality Control Team