• The Liquid Media Marketplace: The Path for European Companies Toward Multi-Screen Video Globalization

    YuMe's new report, published in collaboration with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and dmexco, identifies best practices to reach a liquid audience across platforms, screens and continents and offers directional guidance for European companies on how to optimally leverage multi-screen digital video for global audiences.

  • The Science Behind YuMe's Audience Segments

    TV is now viewed across multiple screens and through multiple platforms, which has led to the discovery of more diverse content for the consumer, creating more and more fragmentation for the advertiser. With TV consumption evolving, brand advertisers must also adapt to reach their target audience. In this next generation of TV advertising, advertisers need to mix TV with digital video. Advertisers need accuracy in targeting their intended audience, otherwise ad dollars may be wasted on the wrong audience. Learn how YuMe’s Audience Segments solves the problem of audience fragmentation, deliv...

  • Stop Selling Inventory and Start Selling Your Audience

    With the rise of digital online video, video inventory has never been more plentiful. Yet audiences are increasingly more fragmented and stagnant CPMs for digital video inventory are threatening online publishers’ margins. With advertisers and marketers looking for more sophisticated audience-based targeting, publishers can move ahead by focusing on who their audiences are, and not just what they do. Learn why you should adopt first-party insights and how YuMe’s Audience-Aware SDK™ with Audience Insights can help you discover new audiences you didn’t even know you had and generate more reve...

  • Plug, Play, Payday: The Benefits of Integrating YuMe's SDK for App Developers

    Our SDK is proven and trusted! That's why hundreds of app developers have successfully integrated our lightweight SDK in just 4 simple steps! We expend significant resources to serve targeted, TV-quality video ads for big brands. This creates unique and interactive experiences that your users will be receptive to. Make serious money from your app with YuMe. We have the ads, the ad platform and the sales team to make it happen. Read how here!

  • Video Ad Monetization Strategy for Tablets, Smartphones & Connected TVs

    Given the dramatic shift in programming consumption across multiple devices, more ad spend has been reallocated from traditional offline buys to media online, making publishers’ digital assets more valuable than ever.

  • Increase Brand Lift with YuMe's Placement Quality Index

    This whitepaper will show how YuMe’s unique Placement Quality Index (PQI) helps advertisers get the best brand results by optimizing the placement of their video ad campaigns. PQI helps media planners increase campaign brand lift while solving the problem of audience fragmentation and site list parity. Using a sophisticated algorithm to analyze a broad range of video ad performance data, PQI helps advertisers serve the right video ads to the right audience at the right time and on the right screen.

  • Optimizing Your Video Ad Placement Quality to Earn More Revenue

    Publishers can choose from an array of video ad sources when looking to monetize video inventory. Since most of these options offer similar features and benefits, it can be difficult for publishers to identify the optimal video ad source that allows them to generate the most revenue. YuMe provides an industry-first publisher opportunity available through its proprietary technology: video ad placement quality for digital video properties, which quantitatively matches your audience with advertisers. This whitepaper explains how YuMe's placement quality technology allows for greater relevancy,...